Video: Blair Hall Advisors' History, Approach & Values

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Blair Hall Advisors’ Founder and Managing Partner, Tom Gerson, speaks about the firm’s history, approach, and values. Click image below to play the video. Transcript is further below.

"I got started in large financial institutions. I found that they were more interested in selling their own products than in putting together comprehensive strategies for clients.

So I founded Blair Hall Advisors to first and foremost provide more attention, more care, and more objectivity for every client.

I think one of the things that makes us the most distinctive is that we're very focused on having only a small number of clients per advisor.

And so we feel that the output is basic math, that you have a higher quality resource with more time available per client and therefore a higher quality service.

We work primarily with highly accomplished professionals, who have complexity in their family finances, and appreciate the need for a very educated advisor with the time available to really dig into their financial needs.

I really enjoy working on clients’ financial challenges, looking at what we know, what we don't know, and together figuring out the path that's the most likely to get a great result.

When you're working with your clients, you're managing one of the main pillars of their life success, right? So what do people have that contributes to them having a full and successful life? It rests on a few pillars.

It rests on them having health. It rests on them having a career that they find fulfilling. It rests on them having family relationships that are fulfilling. And it rests on their financial success.

And so knowing that I'm the steward for their financial success, and knowing how important that is, that's really exciting. That's really energizing to know that that's my opportunity to help people make sure that they have a wonderful life."