Comprehensive Wealth Management for Accomplished Professionals

As a highly accomplished professional, you know that your success has brought with it complexities. Developing a strategy for your financial goals takes a highly educated, experienced professional. That’s what Blair Hall Advisors provides.

We have a simple formula for ensuring we can deliver the type of service you need and deserve. First, it’s the quality of our team: Both of our advisors—Tom Gerson, who is also Managing Partner, and John Correia—are deeply experienced in investing and finance, have earned an MBA from a top school, and have advanced financial-industry training. Next, is our commitment to maintaining a small number of clients per advisor.

The result is basic math: Given a top-quality advisor, together with enough time to focus on each client, we can deliver a superior service.

Our scope extends beyond investments alone to include all six areas of major concern for accomplished people:

•    Making prudent investment decisions
•    Planning for and funding important life goals
•    Mitigating the impact of taxes
•    Providing for heirs
•    Protecting assets from unwanted risks
•    Charitable giving

Because we are structured as a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser, our advice is not skewed by the conflicts of interest inherent in other kinds of structures claiming to offer financial advice. 

Read more about our team and our approach to get a better sense of who we are and what makes us distinctive from other wealth-management advisors. Charles Schwab & Co. is custodian for client assets, with open access for clients.

Contact us to request a complimentary review of your financial affairs or to open a conversation (some restrictions apply).

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