Blair Hall Advisors and Environmentally Conscious Investing

At Blair Hall Advisors, we are heartened by the positive outcome of the Paris Climate Change Conference this past December. But pollution in general gives us great concern, and we are sickened by such environmental disasters as the recent lead poisoning of the water supply in Flint, Michigan.

We do believe that more work needs to be done by governments, companies, and individuals to take better care of our planet.

So we have taken steps to make environmentally conscious investing more readily available to our clients. In particular, we are pleased to offer an investment approach that not only encourages environmental sustainability, but also benefits from academic insights on optimizing equity investing.

Through a third-party partner, each potential equity investment is rated for its performance on ten sustainability factors, such as carbon intensity, environmental management, and pollution prevention. The evaluation also gives due consideration to other company attributes that affect the expected investment performance of clients’ portfolios. For example, our process maintains robust sector diversification. 

We find this approach so reasonable and its track record so exemplary that we expect many of our clients will find it attractive.

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