Steve Jobs, Henry Ford --> Blair Hall Advisors?!?

You may be wondering, “What?! Financial advisors with the chutzpah to compare themselves to historic luminaries of American business? Who do these guys think they’re kidding?!”

Well… We’ll admit it’s an aspirational comparison! For sure we wouldn’t pretend to be innovators on the scale of Steve Jobs and Henry Ford. However, in four key areas we find them to be important role models for us in our work…

Give the Gift of Peace of Mind

Designed especially for friends, family, and associates of our network

Maybe someone you know has serious doubts about their current financial strategy—it’s not uncommon. Or perhaps they are going through an important life or financial event, such as: sale of a business or real estate • retirement • passing of a loved one • benefit of an IPO, inheritance, or insurance settlement • divorce • receipt of concentrated stock.

We have seen that many affluent investors value a second opinion on their finances.

The “Fiduciary Rule” – what it might mean for you...

Editor's Note: As of May, 2018, the so-called Fiduciary Rule seems to be permanently on hold. Financial companies have successfully sued to stop it; the Department of Labor is choosing not to defend it; and the courts have declined to give the States standing to pursue the matter. We may write a new article discussing this important subject matter in the future. In the meantime....  Blair Hall Advisors continues to function as a fiduciary for all our clients always. Our original article remains below.

John Correia Joins Blair Hall Advisors

Blair Hall Advisors is pleased to announce that John Correia has joined the firm as a Wealth Manager and Investment Strategist.

“John brings a broad skillset, tremendous experience, world-class education and training—and so much more—to Blair Hall Advisors,” says Founder and Managing Partner, Tom Gerson. “Most important, he’s a person of great character. I am so delighted that he’s joined forces with us.”

Stocks and Bonds—Just like Chickens and Oranges

“Stocks” and “bonds”—these two words roll off the tongue of the average U.S. investor as if they were as interchangeable as your options for fruit at lunch.

But they’re not. They are more like “chickens and oranges.” And this mistaken identity, we would argue, is to blame for the misguided prominence of bonds in many people’s long-term investment portfolios, whether self-managed or assisted by some advisor.

Is Your Portfolio a Well-Planned Garden or a Sprawling Mess?

A well-managed investment portfolio is like a beautiful garden: it may look simple and serene, yet it is the product of thoughtful planning as well as attentive maintenance. The difference is that all of us can see whether a garden is founded on good design, intelligently executed, while few of us know how to tell when an investment portfolio reflects careful planning.

At Blair Hall Advisors, we are constantly reviewing the work of other advisors, and we’ve noticed a few things a layperson can look for. If any of these common warning signs describes your advisor’s work, you might not be getting the financial advice you need.