A Proven Approach Focused on You

To fulfill the promise of wealth management, we follow a well-defined and time-tested consultative process that can work only if we know you well: what is most important to you, what you would like to accomplish, what inspires you, and what keeps you awake at night.

We’ll ask you about your values, goals, assets, relationships, interests, and personal preferences. Once we get to know you, we’ll tell you whether we think Blair Hall Advisors might be a strong choice for helping you reach your goals. Only then will we schedule a series of meetings to develop your personalized plan and put it into effect.

In subsequent, regular working sessions we will maintain a real connection with you, continually keeping up-to-date with where you are now, where you want to be, and what if any gaps or obstacles stand in your way.

Our Consultative Process

1. Discovery. In our first meeting we’ll discuss your current financial situation, where you want to go, and the obstacles you face in achieving what is important to you. By the end of this meeting we’ll usually be able to confirm whether or not Blair Hall Advisors can make a substantial and material impact for you.
2. Investment Planning. In this meeting we’ll provide a diagnostic of your current financial situation and a plan for achieving your investment-related goals.
3. Mutual Commitment. Assuming we are a good fit and decide to work together, we will meet and officially enter into a relationship as client and trusted advisor.
4. Initial Follow-up. In this meeting we will organize new account paperwork and answer any questions you may have.
5. Regular Progress Meetings. We’ll continue to schedule working sessions as needed, but typically quarterly or semi-annually, in which we’ll report on the progress you are making and hear about important changes in your life that might call for an adjustment to your investment plan. In these meetings we’ll also work on advanced planning, addressing those wealth-management issues most relevant to your specific circumstances, such as:

•    Wealth protection
•    Business ownership
•    Executive compensation plans
•    Stock options
•    Continuing portfolio management

•    Retirement planning
•    Education planning
•    Charitable-giving strategies
•    Estate planning
•    Stewardship of family wealth


Please contact us to request a complimentary review of your financial affairs or to open a conversation (some restrictions apply).